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Our Maid Services

Standard Cleaning

This standard package assures that your apartment, home or condo receives an intensive cleaning service. Booking a standard clean with maid bunch will rid your home of bacteria, dirt and germs and of course, your stresses. Leave the dirty work to the best cleaning service Toronto has to offer.

Custom Cleaning

Maid Bunch’s custom cleaning package offers precise cleaning. You can also choose our custom cleaning service to include specific add-ons to your standard clean. It can be your kitchen cabinet, your drawers or even your freezer. With maid bunch’s Custom Clean, you get the luxury of choosing precisely what you want to be cleaned.

Move In/Out Cleaning

Moving in or out from/into a new apartment, condo or home can be such a burden and a chore. You already have so much going on, and cleaning should be the last thing you need to worry about. Let us help you ease the transition. We’ll make sure your home looks spotless as you move in. We will also clean up after you as you move out and keep it ready for new tenants and inspections.

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Why Choose Maid Bunch?

Cleaning is such a bore. You get messy, dirty, wet and occasionally suffer a bruise or two. That's not fun. Lucky for you, we love cleaning, and we’ve made a career out of it. We aim to give you a clean home you can show off to your friends and family. You just sit back and relax. Treat yourself to a much-deserved break. Give us a call or book online to get our premium cleaning service for your precious home. We offer the best but in the rare event you are not 100% pleased with our service, we rectify it through our Great Clean Guarantee.

We offer top of the line cleaning services in Toronto. Established and based in Toronto, we are a house cleaning service providing residents affordable yet exceptional cleaning. Whether you want a customized cleaning according to your preference, a standard clean or a move in/out cleaning service, maid bunch offers you nothing but the best cleaning from our polished cleaners at an affordable flat rate. Along with their expertise, our also cleaners bring their own cleaning supplies.

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Customers reviews

Take a look at what some of our past and current clients have to say.

"After my regular cleaner returned to her home country, I decided to give these cleaning services a test run. The cleaner just left my condo and I can say i'm very satisfied"
Jenna McKenzie
"Being a new mom, things can get rather messy around the house. Maid Bunch is a life saver!" If you're also in the Toronto area and in need of a house cleaning service, give them a call.
Abigail Novack
"Ordered the service to help with the clean-up after a family reunion. Original cleaners missed some spots around the condo but Maid Bunch rectified the situation at no additional charge."
Jason Atwi

Benefits of Using A Housekeeping Service

Household chores demand great skill, patience, precision, and persistent upkeep. Not everyone can multi-task, nor have the time to keep up with their household chores consistently. And for some, it’s just not their cup of tea! It gets more demanding when both you and your partner have busy work schedules, leaving less time for housekeeping.

Here are some more reasons why maid services have become indispensable these days:

1. Professionally trained: They are trained professionally for various tasks, ranging from dusting your place to disinfecting it. They are thoroughly oriented in multiple programs and are up-to-date with the latest housekeeping techniques. All you need to do is occasionally supervise them or not, which is also perfectly fine. You just sit back and let them handle the mess.

2. Multi-skilled and easy to order: They can be assigned responsibilities for diverse tasks – cleaning the kitchen, bedroom, or refrigerator, organizing your place, housekeeping, and much more. You have to book and make your orders, be it their premium or customized service according to what you need.

3. Licensed Services: It is wise to check if the maid services are bonded, insured, and licensed. Most reputed companies will provide insurance and license, which guarantees protection in case of unforeseen damages or theft. Thus you can have ease of mind as the maid services clean your home, office, stores, and other facilities in your absence.

4. Diverse duration cleaning offers: Had a grand party the night before? You can imagine the after-party mess and the gigantic cleaning that awaits. Don’t worry. Call a maid service and let them handle the disorder with professionalism. Meanwhile, you can relish the good moments you had at the party. Most cleaning services will offer a range of flexible cleaning durations – one-time cleaning, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonal. You choose what’s best for you.

5. Range of services available: Moving to a new apartment? Or are you planning for a pre-home sale? You know a list of chores awaits you. Why not call a maid service? They will handle all tasks, from cleaning the apartment to shifting the place. They can also unpack and organize your place so that you can focus on other more important responsibilities.

6. Prompt and expertise service: They commit to serving their clients’ needs with dedication and expertise. They maintain prompt timings, employees are cordially behaved and trustworthy, and are trained to focus on their work. Plus they bring along their cleaning equipment and supplies. Most reputed companies will use quality cleaning equipment and supplies to give their customers guaranteed satisfaction. You don’t have to worry about buying cleaning the products anymore.

7. Personal benefits: You can relax and focus on other priorities and stay productive. Why not visit your dear friend you have wanted to visit? Or read a new book or engage in other recreational activities. Assigning cleaning tasks to maid services will give you some leisure time to indulge in yourself. Go de-stress! Do the things which you love to do.

Maid services are necessary to manage chores while easing your tensions and burdens professionally. You can avail their services based on your budget, convenience, and requirements. In return, you are guaranteed prompt and efficient service while allowing you to relax and have ample leisure time. Look no further for the best cleaning services Toronto has to offer. We're here and also ready to serve.

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