Are you thinking about hiring a local cleaning service for your home? You’re probably weighing the costs vs. cleaning your home yourself and how much money it will add up to each month and throughout the year.

We get it; calculating the financial cost of hiring a cleaning service is usually the first thing people do when assessing if they really need it. We decided to make it easy and show you the value a cleaning service can bring to your life.

Doing the “Math” on Cleaning Your Home

Let’s look at the numbers of cleaning your home for a second. Assuming you live in a small apartment and spend at least two hours (or more) cleaning your home every week, that adds up to 104-hours per year.

Think about this for a minute. If you spend eight hours asleep every day, that’s 16-hours left in the day to do things. So, that’s nearly a full week of all-day cleaning every year just to keep your home in basic shape. If you live in a bigger residence, you might double or triple that requirement.

Spending a week to a month of every year cleaning your home is a lot of time. We’re not saying you don’t take pride in your home – that’s the reason why you maintain it. We’re just stating that you could be doing better things with your time.

If money is the concern holding you back from hiring a cleaning service for your home, think about how much you can achieve with an extra month in your life each year. How much time could you spend working on projects, starting a business, or impressing clients and your boss to advance your career?

How Much Do You Value Your Time and Energy?

Hiring a home cleanings service gives you more time and freedom in your life. Even if money isn’t a concern for you, having an extra week to a month every year to add to your relationships is a huge advantage in your life.

How much more time could you be spending with the kids or hanging out with friends instead of cleaning your home?

Sure, the financial cost might seem hefty at first. However, the value a home cleaning service brings to your life will bring a smile to your face when you step through the door to find your home clean at the end of the day.

Work with a Professional and Reputable Cleaning Service

When you hire a home cleaning service, make sure you’re working with a professional service you can trust. The cleaning service should run background checks on their staff to ensure they are not letting criminals into your home.

Check the reputation of your cleaning service online, and see what people are saying about them before you commit to a service level agreement with the company. A professional cleaner can even clean your home while you’re at work, ensuring they are never in your way and a flexible way to keep your home looking great.