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Best House Cleaning Services Mississauga Has To Offer


This cleaning option is our most popular and what most opt to go with. Why? It covers a typical cleaning. Live a busy life with no time for general cleanings once in a while? This is the option for you.


Only looking for specific areas to be cleaned? Looking to customise our standard package with options like cabinet interior, oven interior or even baseboards? This is the package for you.

Move In/Out

Recently bought or sold a home in Mississauga? Have a tenant moving in or out of your unit? This option will have your unit back in pristine condition; ready for the next tenant.


"After my regular cleaner returned to her home country, I decided to give these cleaning services a test run. The cleaner just left my condo and I can say i'm very satisfied"
Jenna McKenzie
"Being a new mom, things can get rather messy around the house. Maid Bunch is a life saver!" If you're also in the Toronto area and in need of a house cleaning service, give them a call.
Abigail Novack
"Ordered the service to help with the clean-up after a family reunion. Original cleaners missed some spots around the condo but Maid Bunch rectified the situation at no additional charge."
Jason Atwi

We’ll clean your home, apartment or condo whenever you need us!

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What To Look Out For In Order To Avoid Low Quality Cleaning Services in Mississauga

As you've noticed, there are quite a few cleaning services in Mississauga and as a result, it's not always easy for homeowners to choose the right company. Before allowing strangers into your home and around your possessions, you need to ensure that you choose an all around quality cleaning service that exceeds your expectations. Listed below are some red flags to be on the look out for:

Lack Of A Website/Social Media Presence

It's the dawn of a new age, and in this new tech era in which we live, it's important for all businesses (including maid services) to have have an online presence. When searching for a cleaning service in Mississauga to clean your home, ensure their easy to find online. Should they not have much of an online presence, be it a website or social media profiles, you should definitely think twice before dealing with them. Why? Because of the trust factor. A cleaning service with an online presence more than likely has plenty of reviews for you to consider before choosing; which helps eliminate the average and sub-par companies.

Deceptive Billing

You should definitely avoid using cleaning services in Mississauga that a history of billing issues. A company that engages in deceptive billing practices (ie. Telling you “price A” during the booking and increasing it to price “B” once they arrive at your home) is one you should avoid.

Lack Of Courtesy

As a housekeeping and maid company, we're in the customer service business. And that requires that our staff are treat our clients with respect. Unfortunately, not all companies are as concerned with customer service as they are their bottom line. So just try to be on the lookout for reviews concerning the lack of decorum and respect by cleaners. Should you encounter some reviews referring to that, it's best you move on.

Incomplete Background Checks & Poor Training

Let's face it, hiring a cleaner requires trust on the part of you, the home owner. One very easy way for maid services to instil trust in you is by ensuring that all of their cleaners have undergone a nationwide background check and have also received sufficient training.

Lack of Insurance

Cleaners are human and as a result, mistakes and accidents are inevitable. Unfortunately, in an effort to maximise profit, some companies may forgo insurance. But the last thing you want is to hire an uninsured cleaning company that's unable to pay for repairs should it be necessary.