Is spring cleaning a thing of the past or is it still prevalent today, in this often busy world?

Oh it’s still very much relevant all right! No matter how busy your schedule, the simple fact remains – you’ve spent all winter cooped up indoors allowing all of the dust, mildew, dirt and gunk to build up. Your only options are to ignore it or roll up your sleeves and get the job done!

A good cleaning not only gets your home looking spic-and-span but it also gets all of your appliances running a little bit longer. You wouldn’t believe but I’ve seen microwaves struggle to heat up food due to homeowners neglecting the gunk build-up.

One thing you certainly don’t need to do is spend your entire saturday or sunday with a mop and duster getting things arranged and cleaning your place for the summer and all the events that come with it. Use the tips provided to shorten your cleaning time so you can enjoy more of the beautiful weather!

The best way to complete your spring cleaning in record time really comes down to breaking up the tasks into manageable sections, then tackling them over the course of a week or two.

When you’re spring cleaning, it’s always best to start with the bigger items within your home, ie. Furniture, rugs/carpets and any other appliances you might have.

Although sectioning off your cleaning as I’ve suggested isn’t how it’s typically done, it results in you having the awesome prideful feeling you get from keeping your home in shape – only faster.

Again, you should begin by focusing most of your energy early-on on the larger items in your home. Also, it helps to make note of which cleaning tasks you can bypass (ie. Cleaning the grout or wiping down switches). If all of this is too complicated to do on your own, be sure to book the best cleaning services in toronto