It is common for you to get the urge to clean out your ducts if you suspect the presence of mold in your ducts or if your duct is emitting dust into your house. However, the aim of cleaner air within your home does not align with duct cleaning. Contrary to popular belief, duct cleaning is a complete waste of money.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence to support that getting your ducts cleaned professionally causes the air in your home to get cleaner automatically. Certain studies conclude that there is no evidence supporting the notion that dust levels increase due to dirty ducts.

Reasons Why Duct Cleaning Is Unnecessary

Some of the reasons why duct cleaning may be a waste of your hard-earned money include:

All Air Conditioners Have An In-Built Cleaning System

The air filters within air conditioners fulfill the purpose of removing unwanted dust particles that flow within your HVAC system. Although some dust may sneak past the air filter, there is no proof of this limited amount decreasing your home’s air quality.

Duct Cleaning Can Damage The Air Duct

Air conditioners are manufactured in a way to filter our dust particles on their own. Therefore, HVAC manufacturers don’t consider air duct cleaning when designing your air conditioner. Manufacturers commonly use flexible ducts that can be easily damaged if put through extensive duct cleaning services.

The Problem Of Dirty Air Remains

Duct cleaning does not increase your home’s air quality. Duct cleaning would be valid if your air conditioner consists of a solid metal sheet duct rather than a flexible duct. Unfortunately, although cleaning the duct may seemingly clear out the prevalent mold within, the root source of the mold may remain.

Alternatives To Duct Cleaning

There are other methods of ensuring that you and your family breathe clean air. These include:

  1. Using a Reme Halo Device
  2. Investing in up-gradation to a specialty filter
  3. Regularly replacing your air filters
  4. Regular home cleaning

Conclusion: Go For Alternatives, And Save Your Money!

That hard-earned money deserves more than to be wasted on dead-end duct cleaning services that may temporarily appear to remove the problem but are prolonging it further. Therefore, go for some of the alternatives mentioned above. These are likely to increase the air quality within your home and offer you and your family the incentive of breathing fresher and cleaner air!